In the 1930s, Dr. Wilhelm Reich postulated that an unseen energy permeates our experience and he called this energy orgone, his word for ch’i or ‘life-force’. Dr Reich further discovered that orgone energy could exist in two states: either as Positive Orgone Energy (POR), which is good for living beings or Deadly Orgone Energy (DOR), which is harmful for living beings.

Deadly orgone radiation is found in microwave EMR and ELF radiation from smartmeters, computers, hand held devices, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, appliances, televisions, electrical wiring, cell phones and relay towers. It is also found at sites of geopathic stress and in places where great trauma has occurred. Pollution and smog are states of stagnant energy weighed down with deadly orgone energy.

Dr. Reich discovered that layers of organic (carbon-containing) material alternating with layers of inorganic (metal) material would create an effect that balanced the DOR and POR of the immediate environment. In the late 1990′s Don and Carol Croft began creating a matrix with the same properties by mixing epoxy resin and metal shavings—the epoxy providing the organic layer. Quartz crystals were added to increase the intensity of the field generated and to create devices that, rather than merely balancing the negative and positive orgone, actually transformed the negative orgone into positive orgone. (read more….)

In the 1990’s, Don and Carol Croft began putting crystals into the orgonite matrix and found that it increased the orgone output. They are the modern day proponents of orgonite and have spearheaded the orgone movement worldwide.

Recommended reading:

“Demonstrating Aether Energy” by Dr. Eugene Mallove.

“Dirty Electricity” by Dr. Samuel Milham. Dr. Milham asserts, “most of the twentieth century diseases of civilization, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and suicide are caused by electromagnetic field exposure.”