Enhanced Orgone Strawberry Cell Phone Shield


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Beautiful, petite shield for those who wish to have a smaller profile for their phone.

Works great for Bluetooth.

Enhanced, handcrafted orgone cell phone shield contains a copper tube torus coil and Amber for unbeatable protection!

Made with Polyester resin which shrinks during the curing process to create a powerful piezoelectric charge on the crystals.

Small Enhanced, handcrafted EMR/EMF Measures approx 12mm across width and 15mm in length

Strong commercial tape on the shields holds up to constant handling.

‘Hi Janice, Just love everything and some is also for a gift. Thanks so much for the important beautiful artistic work you are doing! We previously had obtained two of your larger pieces along with the phone orgonite. Keep up your wonderful work. Sincerely,’ – L.R., Muskegon MI

‘These are the best cell phone buttons I have come across. Janice’s orgonite has such a sweet, powerful quality to it.’ – M.C., Albuquerque, NM Please read more below…

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