Orgonite Earrings contain Malachite & Hawaiian botanical powder that enhances the orgone in a small piece bringing in subtle, yet powerful etheric essences and protection.
Pink Heart Shell Powerful Enhanced Orgonite Necklace Pendant Jewelry Orgone Amulet

Elegant, stylish, powerful enhanced orgone jewelry

$12 - $18 Powerful Enhanced Orgonite Large Cell Phone/Tablet EMF/EMR Protection Shield. Orgone Tablet EMR Shield with Copper Spiral & Copper Tube Torus Coil and Amber. Orgone
Shimmery Blue Cell Orgonite Orgone Large Cell Phone & Tablet Shield with Copper Tube Torus Coil & Copper Spiral. Orgonite for Mobile Devices
$12-$18 Divine Kauai Mobile Flower Orgonite Cell Phone EMR EMF Shields for kids. orgone powerful super orgonite for childDivine Kauai Bow Enhanced Cell Orgonite Orgone Cell Phone Shield with Copper Tube Torus Coil. Orgonite for Mobile Devices. Orgonite for Kids. Childrens Orgone

Enhanced orgone technology for mobile devices

$12-$18 Orgonite does not block emf, rather it TRANSMUTES it. Divine Kauai Enhanced Orgonite Cell Phone Shields. Powerful orgonite Cell phone orgonite protection tube torus copper coil & copper spiral super orgonite Super Cell phone orgone with Mayan Botanicals protection - inexpensive Best cell shields rated by Healthcare Specialists
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orgone adornments

for the vibrationally enlightened