There is much speculation on the internet about whether orgone is effective in blocking or neutralizing EMF and EMR waves. Also some sites claim that orgone intensifies these waves. Is this true?

Orgone does not block EMR, rather it purifies the deadly energy produced by these waves into a frequency compatible with human well-being.  The intent of using orgonite is to TRANSMUTE emf/emr waves, not block them.  Measuring orgone’s effectiveness by the idea of blocking or neutralizing the energy is not an accurate understanding of how orgone works.

Orgone does it’s work on an Etheric Level  rather than the electromagnetic level.  The science of Orgone is that it ‘shoots’ the electromagnetic radiation into the etheric spectrum where it purifies it into life-promoting energy or ch’i.   Rather than reducing radiation, it is proposed that orgone transmutes the imbalanced energy of EMR.

Any energy being intensified is the purified energy coming out of the device, as the more toxic the radiation you throw at it, the more of a life-force wave will emit from the orgone device.

The human aura is shown to expand in Kirlian Photos when orgonite is placed near the human body.  After making orgone for 7 years, I have been given the most amazing feedback from people. Some of these experiences I have added to the product pages and to the stories page.

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Orgonite does not block EMF, orgonite TRANSMUTES it!

What is orgone?

Orgone is a mixture of polyester resin, metal shavings and quartz crystals.  The combination of this organic and inorganic material provides a matrix which has the capacity to attract and capture orgone energy demonstrated by Wilhelm Reich’s research in the 1930’s.  This mixture creates an effective device that pulls in harmful electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF from computers, WiFi, TVs, electrical lines, cell towers, appliances, microwaves, HAARP) and transmutes these energies into beneficial life-promoting (ch’i) energy.  Orgone devices function as a self-generating and highly efficient energy transmutation system.

How does orgone work?

Based on the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, alternating layers of organic and inorganic material attract and absorb harmful electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF). Organic substances such as resin attract life-force energy and soak it up like a sponge.

The resin and inorganic metal shavings vibrate at different molecular frequencies causing ethric friction.  The friction is great enough at the many small metallic points within the orgonite matrix to cause the absorbed EMF to shift upwards into the etheric spectrum so that it ceases to exist as a part of the electro-magnetic spectrum.  These frequencies then become purified and drop back into the physical spectrum as positive orgone energy.

When the embedded crystal is compressed by the curing resin, a piezoelectric charge is created that then moves the newly purified energy out into the surrounding area.  This movement draws in even more harmful EMF for continuous transmutation into life-giving, ambient energy.  We are able to ‘program’ the crystal with loving awareness.

What is the difference between Reich’s orgone accumulator and current day orgone generators?

The term orgone generator was coined to distinguish it from an orgone accumulator.  An orgone accumulator is a hollow box or chamber that could be large enough for a person to sit inside in order to absorb orgone energy.  In that case, Reich used iron metal sheeting for the inner metal to match the iron in hemoglobin so the person wouldn’t be drawing in a metal vibration that was harmful to the body.

An orgone generator is a solid body that has a mixture of crystalline fiberglass resin, metal particles, and crystals within it.  You are not sitting inside an orgone generator absorbing the orgone energy.  An orgone generator transmutes negative, atmospheric orgone energy into the positive polarity of positive orgone energy.  The human body is affected by the positive results of this transmutation process that takes place within the orgone generator, but the human body is not involved in the process

Therefore, it’s OK to use aluminum and any other metal inside the orgone generator because that vibration is not affecting the human body in any way.  While the orgone generator is based on principles which Reich explained in his books, he himself did not build nor know what an orgone generator was.  It didn’t exist during his time. It was invented much later.

Sometimes I see products online that have very little metal. Does this still constitute orgone?

Technically, it may.  However, powerful orgone requires a good metal to resin ratio.  Look for orgonite that has a good balanced mix of resin to metal ratio.  I have written a blog about this:

Is orgone the same thing as chi?

Yes. Wilhelm Reich believed that an unseen energy permeates our life experience. His word for ‘life-force’ was orgone.  This is the same definition as the Sanskrit word ‘prana’ – literally meaning ‘life-force’.  Ch’i is the vital force believed in Taoism and other Chinese thought to be inherent in all things.  All of these states represent the invisible bio-energy or vital energy that keeps the body alive.

Can this energy be seen?

Orgone is associated with blue and lavender auric hues as revealed through Kirlian (aura) photography.  Kirlian photos also show the human aura expand when orgonite is placed near the body.  Those who see subtle etheric energies such as auras, report that orgonite emits blue hues and geometric patterns.  When orgonite is being made, friction within the resin and metal matrix cause the energy to shift upwards in spectrum to ether and this is seen by some as plumes of lovely blue energy.


WaveShift most powerful incredible high vibration super orgonite


Can orgone be too potent for sensitive individuals?

The reverse seems to be true. Those of us who tend to feel many energies are soothed and supported by orgone energy.  It strengthens our life-force field and helps bring us into balance.  Since the orgone device draws out energies that are harmful to us in our environment, we feel more vital and calm when we have it near us.  In some cases, people need to let their energy fields adjust to the orgone vibrations.  A few people have experienced a brief cleansing period.

I have heard that orgone has a calming influence on people. Is this true?

Yes, we have numerous reports that people are putting it under their pillows and beds and are sleeping better.  It is especially helpful for those who suffer from nightmares and it frequently remedies insomnia.  Parents report that their children are calmer and fight less when they place orgone cones in their homes.  Orgonite inspires a pleasant demeanor and balanced happier mood in the work place.

Should I meditate with orgone?

We highly recommend it. One function of orgone is that it helps awaken your innate psychic senses and it assists to calm the mind.

Does orgone lose its potency?

No. Orgone works continuously and does not expire.  See above: What is orgone?

Do I need to clean my orgone like some people clean their crystals?

Some people say to set it in the sun.  We find that the orgonite purifies the crystal as it transmutes the energies flowing through the devices.

Some of your products do not appear to have any oshavings in them. Are some items purely decorative?

All of my pieces are packed with shavings.  I design many of them to not show the shavings, especially the jewelry.  If you look closely, you can can see the orgonite in the interior of the pyramid below.  I lay down the pyramid decorative layers around the edge of the mold and fill the center with resin, shavings, double-terminated crystals, minerals, botanicals and gemstones.


Divine Kauai Powerful Beautiful Orgone Shell & Flourite Pyramid. Orgonite from the Sea. Magical Kauai Orgone. Cell phone and Mobile Devices, Meditation Orgone, Enhanced Power Hearts.


Can I bury it in my garden or potted plants?

Yes, please!  Orgone likes to be buried in the dirt.  Plants love it and farmers experimenting with it say plants grow much larger and require less water.  Plants are better able to repel pests and seem ‘happier’ when they are exposed to orgone.  It helps our Earth mother!  Please make (instructions at the bottom of page) or buy orgonite pucks for burying in the ground as the coating on Divine Kauai products will not hold up to exposure to the elements and will destroy the beautiful glassy appearance.

 Does water intensify the effects of orgone?

Orgone in water is amazing!  It helps keep your fish pond clean and your fish healthy.  In Africa, fishermen are purifying polluted lakes with orgonite and bringing back dwindling fish populations that are now thriving.  By placing orgonite upstream in rivers and streams, the orgone life-force energies flow down into reservoirs where they eventually end up in your home.  (This works for electrical lines also).  Try putting some orgone pucks into your toilet water tank (the upper part) and with each flush you can send this energy into the treatment plants.

Can orgone be harmful to humans, animals, or plants?

No. It is simply a combination of metal shavings encased in catalyzed resin with the addition of crystals.  Those who see subtle energies such as auras, note the lovely blue hue that it emits.  Orgone is also seen as green, indigo and violet.  By placing orgonite near sources of electro-magnetic radiation (cell towers, household appliances, computers, power plants) and in polluted lakes, rivers and ocean harbors, there results a powerful and noticeable effect on the area.  The skies become clear and return to a deep blue color with normal puffy white clouds.  Water pollution levels decrease precipitously and drought conditions are reversed, as documented in Death Valley, California and in areas of Africa where orgonite has extensively been buried.  The general “vibe” in the area improves dramatically as people are kinder, happier and more easy-going.  We have seen this effect as a direct result of using orgonite and it is truly self-empowering.



Divine Kauai Beautiful Orgone Shell Enhanced Orgonite Power Heart. Enhanced Orgone from Kauai


Are aluminum shavings inside the resin harmful to my health or the environment?

We have researched this and various people using aluminum are on record as standing behind aluminum as a worthy ingredient to be used in orgone.  Aluminum has a good synergy, energy-wise and the resin seems to ‘like it’.   Aluminum is the main metal I use in my orgone.  I use steel shavings and Copper as well.   Aluminum is the most commonly used metal in orgone making.   People ask if aluminum is safe to use.  Many people who make orgone and those who are sensitive to energy will tell you that aluminum is fine to use.

As stated on the Warrior Matrix forum: Emlong explains, ‘Aluminum is all about context. It is one of the most abundant elements on earth.  Most clays are alumina, and many minerals are aluminosilicates.  Were aluminum inherently bad our planet and much of the universe would be a constant Hell for biological organisms.  Of course, in certain forms and in certain relationships aluminum can be toxic, but that is true of most any element in the periodic table.  In orgonite, I personally find that aluminum brings a sort of “high” energy as compared to copper which feels more grounded.  Some of us like to mix the two.’

Can I make orgone?

Yes, it’s easy!   

Gather together containers for mixing the resin and catalyst, stirring sticks, protective face mask, protective safety eye wear, old clothing and gloves.  Follow the directions on the resin can for mixing resin and the catalyst.  To make powerful orgonite use pointed or sharp-edged metal shavings.  Add shavings and a crystal to the molds. Add crystals, gemstones, etc.  Mix resin and catalyst according to the instructions on the label and pour into molds to desired size.  Stir well coating all shavings.  Cure for 24 hours and pop the orgonite out of the molds.

You can obtain fiberglass/epoxy resin and catalyst from your hardware store and metal shavings from a machine shop.  Any kind of copper, iron, brass, bronze, nickel or steel shavings work well. You can also order them by emailing treasure @ divinekauai. com.

Molds: Depending on the specific type of orgonite device you wish to create, any mold that can withstand boiling temperatures should work fine.  Avoid plastics unless they are oven-safe as the chemical reaction which occurs during the catalyzing process heats the resin to temperatures which can easily melt normal plastics. Generally metal or silicone molds seem to work best for most purposes. The resin will shrink about 10% so it should pop out of your mold with some pressure. Allow 24 hours for the resin to cure.

Safety: Organic resins emit toxic fumes before and during the curing process, so working in a well-ventilated area such as a backyard or deck. You also want to use a face mask, protective safety eye wear and gloves. Wear clothing you don’t mind getting resin splashed on. Putting down a tarp first can help tremendously with cleanup, as the hardened resin should pop right off the tarp.

For Chembusters: There is a great tutorial online that gives you the components and instructions.


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Divine Kauai Powerful Beautiful Enhanced Orgone Pyramid. Orgone from the sea.