Orgone does not block EMF, it TRANSMUTES it!

Orgone does not block EMFs, rather it purifies the deadly energy produced by these waves.  The intent is to TRANSMUTE radiation. Measuring orgone’s effectiveness by the idea of blocking the energy is not an accurate understanding of how orgone works. Orgone does it’s work on an Etheric Level  rather than the electromagnetic level.  The science […]

All Orgone Cell Phone Shields …

…are created equal!  At least in my little orgone factory.  They all have the same ingredients so they do the job equally well.  I have seen someone who really wanted a Strawberry Cell phone Shield pick out a Clear Cell Phone Shield because they thought it was stronger.  Not so! Kids of all ages love […]

Power Hearts

 Each palm-sized Power Heart is a one-of-a-kind creation. Made with love of the highest vibrational intention and magical Kauai beach sand. Our DNA radiates light waves. Orgone transforms the electromagnetic vibrations of modern technology into a frequency compatible with human well-being. Orgone assists to balance all of our bodies and fields and bring us into natural states […]

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