‘I have a collection of orgonite from other vendors but I have to say yours gives off the most energy. I am a energy healer and with your products I can feel the energy right away. Other orgonite vendors sell orgonite with a lot fancy metals and stones but their quality isn’t always good. Their epoxy is sometimes sticky with some of the metal shavings jutting out. Not to mention they are way overpriced for that kind of quality. Yours on the other hand although not as fancy is top notch. The quality is there, as well as the beauty. I can tell that you make your orgonite with Aloha. Probably is what makes your orgonite different. It also maybe from your waveshift formula. But whatever it is I am glad to have purchased your beautiful orgonite and will be purchasing more in the future. Mahalo, Aloha and Namaste.’
My product: Amethyst Pyramid, necklaces, pet tags, aloha heart, meditation stone, key chain, keiki dome.
—R.O., Honolulu, HI

At first my skepticism overshadowed my sensitivity to the positive affect of my small Lapis heart inside of my home environment. I was lucky to receive one of these directly from the makers. And if their experience alone isn’t enough, mine is just another in a growing community here on Kaua’i – it seems as though somehow these little havens have made there way into many homes! I can only speak to the obvious increase in positive energy around my home and my close friends. The result has been a kind of large scale transmutation of energy coming in from all directions. This last month especially has been full of big waves of deep pain and loss and unknown energies from all directions. I feel that our little truth hearts are working around the clock to keep our energy spaces cleaner. I don’t mean to say that these little blossoms will stop the tsumani of EMF but their consistent presence in our environment works to cut down the big waves of negative energy to more manageable levels. I believe that Etheria Arts is on to something here, they are niching ever closer to an intelligence of design that works with us even while we sleep. Mahalo nui loa my treasured friends for your courage in an ocean of despair and for your hope in dark times.
—R. M., Kilauea, HI

From the moment I was introduced to these products, I could feel the difference in my life. I am never without them. I sleep with the Truth Heart under my pillow at night and have it in my bra during the day. I have Aloha Hearts around my home, my computer, near the microwave and in my electric car. I also have a Serenity Cone on the solar inverter to help balance the EMF radiation. I feel a sense of peace, harmony and calm since using these products. Friends have commented that our home feels so peaceful. They are such a simple and effective solution to help in these times of pollution that bombard us from every direction.
—J. L., Kaua’i, HI

A friend of mine lives in an apt complex that has 3 cell phone towers nearby. The concentration of the radiation from these towers is so intense, she was getting headaches and thought she would have to move. I gave her one of your peices and she said it has made all the difference in the world! She no longer suffers and will be able to stay in her home. I am quite amazed and impressed!
—M. L., Lihue, HI

I got several of your amulets and showed them to a friend. She held one in her hand and commented that it had ‘this blue thing going on.’ She put it on and won’t give it back! Good thing I got two of them! I love them. They are so pretty and feel so great to wear. I can just feel the love in them! Thanks much!
—R. P., Seattle, WA

I had no idea about your stuff. I am so happy I have it! I sleep with it in my hand all night long. We have our hearts on both sides of our bed. My husband keeps his pyramid in his office. My friends love the Dolphins I gave them. I love it so much!
—T. C., HI

‘My daughter travels a lot so I purchased a pendant for her. She said she does not get jet-lagged anymore and is more relaxed especially going through airport security. She said the pendant has changed her travel experience completely.’
—L.M., New York

‘People are always complimenting me on my purple pendant. I wear it everywhere and ordered another in blue. I was doing a 6-week cleanse and some days I would forget to wear it and I would feel weak and dizzy. I would slip on the pendant and feel grounded plus my energy levels were restored. This stuff is amazing!’ -J.L., Anahola, HI

‘Thank you Janice. Your necklaces are powerful and protective and lovely. Many thanks!’
-K.W., CA

‘Thanks so much! They are beautiful! Your necklaces are powerful and wonderful.’
-C.A., OR

Have some more stories to tell you! Remember my friend I worked on a couple of weeks ago for her lower back and she could hardly walk out of my office afterwards? She has had no pain at all ever since I put the orgone pyramid under my table!!! And yesterday a gal said it put her “out” much deeper during the session, so much she was a little groggy afterwards, but feels great now!
And my friend had a bad bicycle accident right after she got her piece. So she slept with it, and her cat almost slept on it! She was much better than she should have been—she ate the pavement! Racked up her leg bad also but she is doing pretty well now, just 3 days later! She is going to order some more from you as well. And Migo, my old dog, just amazes me more each day with his pendant!!! Hugs and Blessings!
—J. H., CA

Beautiful work and great people, I will highly recommend.
—J. S., San Jose, CA

‘After years of not sleeping well, I bought an orgonite turtle and have been sleeping very well since then. I am very very happy with the results! Thank you so very much for making this product. It has allowed me to become well again.’
—M. G., OR

‘Aloha Janice, The package arrived … I love your creations! The energy is wonderful … changing the more I sit with the pieces. Were they energized with a special message? Thank you! Blessings, Joe’
—J.K., Honolulu, HI

I purchased an Aloha Heart because I was really drawn to the potency and sweetness of this orgonite. I wanted to meditate on it and see how it worked. When I got home, my 15 year old daughter took it and sleeps with it! That’s amazing!
—L.C., Hanapepe, Kaua’i, HI

‘Firstly, thank you so much! I have an electrical sensitivity and I am on disability for it. None of the expensive products have worked for me and some have made me worse. I got your products and I was able to sit under fluorescent lights with no ill effect for the first time since 1995. It felt great and I am thrilled. I wrapped the little rings around my ankles and my knee pain disappeared! I can’t say enough about how your orgonite has helped me! I am so grateful for your products.’
—M.C., Kona, HI

Thank you Janice for making the cell phone orgonite buttons!! Before while using my cell phone there would be this hot vibration that was felt in my ear, head and hand. Now that I have the orgonite button on my cell phone it no longer gets hot and uncomfortable while holding it up to my ear. I have the aloha hearts spread around my office. Even my boss is less edgy and seems kinder.
—W.M., Mukilteo, WA

My product: Custom Made Chembuster. At first I thought it might be my imagination that after I put up the chembuster that there were blue skies with those big, beautiful white puffy clouds everyday as I drove home from downtown Seattle. For the last few years the skies are usually dreary and have that yucky, greasy look. We had tornado warnings all over the state yesterday and I could see all the dark clouds filling the skies. But in my little town, the sky was clear and blue and I went to the beach! I LOVE my new yard art!
—R.W., Edmonds, WA

I’ve only had a few weeks so I’m still getting used to the effects. Living in a communal house, ie a boarding house, within in a week of getting it, a very annoying drama loving roomie was crawling up the wall and had to move, within a week of me having the black pyramid. Several kitties in the house and they love it. They are always squawking outside my door to get in and close to it. Kitties also “get mad” and boisterous when the pyramid leaves with me to go to class. I can offer nothing but anecdotal evidence, but in the Court of John, that is all that it takes. Kitties don’t lie.
—J. F., Honolulu, HI

My product: Cell phone button. Love your products… Love your phone zap clearer.
—K.D., Honolulu, HI

My product: Cell phone button. My cell button rocks and looks so cool on my iPhone. I could feel the change on my phone right away and my friends think it’s a great idea.
—W.P., Los Angeles, CA

My product: Meditation Disk, Aloha Hearts. I am an intuitive healer on Kauai. When I hold the orgonite in my hand, I am more able to deeply connect to my higher intuition while working with clients. I love having a little display of the aloha hearts in my office. My clients love them too!
—J.L, Kaua’i, HI

My product: Amulet, Spiral Cone, Meditation Disk, Cell Button. Aloha Janice, Just received them. They are fantastic. Wearing the amulet now.
—J. G., Honolulu, HI

I work in a military facility with enormous EMR toxicity. I placed a large piece of your orgonite on my desk between my 2 computers. When I first put it here I could feel it immediately clearing the density of energy. I will keep you posted on anything else that I notice.
—S. T., Virginia

I bought some of your different size hearts for EMR protection for my home and for my computer at work. I feel so much better and my home is so peaceful! I gave a friend of mine one of the little Lapis Hearts for her birthday and she stuck it in her pocket and forgot about it. Later she reported that she had an amazing experience of having a severe depression lift when she pulled it out of her pocket and held it in her hand. Another friend of mine used some to ease the pain of an old back injury. I see that the uses for it are quite varied. I am so impressed with your stuff.
—E.K, HI

Your new malachite formula is quite stunning! As soon as I touched my new meditation stone, it was as if I jumped onto a rocket ship to my third eye! I am going to get an amulet with that special sauce in it!
—P.B., HI

While attending a psychic fair, I was asked to put something of mine in an envelope for a blind reading. I put my Divine Kauai pendant in the envelope and the person who did the reading became very excited when she picked up my envelope. She told everyone present, “This really protects the person who owns it!” What a confirmation on the protection of orgonite! I already knew it was special by the way it feels when I wear it.
—K.D., Tacoma, WA

I must say, I don’t feel all the things that other people write about. But I do think that the pieces are beautiful and they intrigue me. I wear an amulet for the EMR protection and keep a truth heart under my pillow. I do notice I sleep better since I put it there. I bought a key chain for my son.
—B.Y., Fairbanks

My landlord really creeps me out. He is very negative and is a know-it-all. I buried 4 aloha hearts around the land and I keep a big cone in my cottage. He asked me for a ride to town so I brought my dome in the truck with me and he was like a completely different person! He was quiet and respectful during the entire trip. This is changing the environment I live in for the better. Thanks so much for making this. I love you!
—C.W., Kauai

I could feel this cool vibration when I touched the meditation disk. I had to get an amulet for my wife and myself. We haven’t taken the amulets off since we got them. I keep the meditation disk in my pocket. This is really cool stuff!
—B.W., Kapaa, HI

My environment feels so peaceful with all my new pieces of orgonite! People come to my home and say it feels like an ashram! Thank you so much for giving me the ability to have these lovely objects in my home. It has made such a difference in the quality of my life!
—V.E., Seattle, WA

I love the look of the pyramids – they are stunning! I took one to work and a co-worker said he had some orgonite at home but thought the quality of my pyramid was top notch. Thought you’d like to know.
-J.T., Colorado Springs, CO

‘As soon as I got them, I took all the pieces out of the box to look at them. I wanted to see the light coming from them but I had to close my eyes to see it. I noticed there were different light patterns coming from each one. The little truth hearts had more complex light patterns. One of the Aloha hearts had a triangular ray pattern. And the big steel dome had a powerful solid light vortex streaming up through the top. All of them had pale blue light. I placed some of the pieces in my bedroom and I woke up this morning early feeling very well rested. Thank you so much for this gift! I love it!’ Very amazing and wonderful!’
-R.M., Anahola, HI

‘I have been sleeping with both the pyramid and the steel dome under my bed. The first night I couldn’t sleep due to the new energy but now it doesn’t keep me awake. I get such a profoundly restful sleep every night now. I look forward to going to bed!’
-E.L., Kapaa, HI

‘My computer modem was emitting so much discordant energy that I would get headaches and was unable to work in my home office. I placed one of the steel domes on it and now I can sit and work all day. Thank you so much for making these products. It has changed the well-being in my home. We got one for the solar inverter also. What a difference it makes. People tell me it is so peaceful at my house.’
-L.E., Sunnyvale, CA

My product: Cell phone button. Hi Janice,
Just a note to say thank you so much for the small pink heart! I love it! You picked the perfect one. Love the keychain and cell phone charm, too.
—K.L., Phoenix, AZ

My product: Cones, meditation. Hi Janice,
Just wanted to let you know that my family and I are loving our beautiful orgonite creations. I gave my daughter one of the starfish pieces…she put it under her pillow and the next morning said that it was one of the most restful nights she has had in a very long time. Your lovely pieces have infused a beacon of positive energy throughout our home. Wishing you a happy & healthy 2014!
—S.S., Milton, DL

My product: Cell phone button. Love your products… Love your phone zap clearer.
—K.D., Honolulu, HI

‘I placed some regular orgonite on the Smart meter and it helped a lot but noticed some plants near the meter were not doing well. I have cared for these plants the same as all my other plants, but the ones near the Smart meter were really affected. I purchased several of your domes with the Bliss formula and placed the large one on top of the Smart meter. The next day the plants revived considerably. Several days later they are doing fine. I sleep with the smaller dome with the coil and I feel really well rested. I even stick it in my bra during the day. I am so impressed with your orgonite! Thank you so much’
-W.G., Kapaa, HI

‘I love my pink crystal tip pyramid best. I have aloha hearts at home, in my car and at work. People constantly comment on how pretty they are. It gives me a chance to tell people what orgonite is. Thanks for all the cool stuff! I am a total fan!
-C.B., Kirkland, WA

‘I really love the look and feel of this. My boyfriend is calmer. I need to get more!’
-M.S., Lakeport, CA

‘Hey Janice, I received the orgonite today. Powerful stuff! I got an immediate gentle ripple along the front of my body every time I picked them up. The pyramids are so amazing and beautiful.’
-J.W., Palisades, CA

‘I have 2 pendants, a key chain, two domes, two aloha hearts and a cell button. I keep them around my house and office. I have four kids and I definitely notice everyone seems calmer.’
-K.N., Seattle, WA

‘I sleep with my orgonite. It helps with my hip pain and I awake well rested. What a change!’
-M.N., Federal Way, WA

‘I love all the orgonite but I especially favor the heart. The energy is really sweet. I will need more for my car and for work.’
-M.S., Orlando, FL

‘When I first touched my meditation heart, it felt ‘warm’. I held it up to my solar plexus and this soft gentle feeling expanded inside me. Really incredible!’
-T.N., Auburn, WA

‘WOW! this is amazing! Love the basic orgonite but this Malachite blend has such an etheric quality. It takes me right up to my third eye.’
-H.H., Ashland, OR

‘My husband does not usually feel ‘energy’ as such but he said that when I placed the orgonite around the house, he felt calm. He now wants something for his computer and the ipod.’
-J.L., Kilauea, HI

‘The laptop button is really cool looking and I don’t feel fatigued after working on my laptop. I love that it sticks right on top so I can take orgonite with me wherever I go.’
-L.S., Bellevue, WA

‘Thanks for making the electric shields. It’s great to be able to place them directly on the fuse box and the microwave. Better get some more for the appliances.’
-D.B., Kapaa, HI

‘Here I sit in the Alaska Airlines boardroom after an all night flight from Honolulu. Our flight to NY leaves in two hours. I am writing to say that I have so much orgonite on me that I probably glow in the dark! I feel calm, peaceful and ready for another 5 hour flight?! Thanks so much for making the orgonite! It is pure love and it has made such a difference for me when I go out into the world!
-P.G, Kauai

‘These are the best cell phone buttons I have come across. Janice’s orgonite has such a sweet, powerful quality to it. I have her Lapis and aloha hearts, a pendant and a crystal tip pyramid.
-M.C., Albuquerque, NM

‘Thank you for the two new pieces of orgonite. The new cell button is so small but also so powerful. I can talk on the cordless phone much longer now and without feeling strange. I wear the pendant every day, all day, and I feel that it is helping me to stay peaceful and calm.’
-J.G., Portland, OR

‘I have cell buttons on both my cordless and cell phone. They work beautifully!’
-W.M., San Diego, CA

‘‘I gave a dolphin cell charm to my friend and she said it worked on her phone perfectly. I love my cell button and put a pyramid under our bed. We sleep really well now.’
-A.D., Kapaa, HI

‘People are always complementing me on my purple pendant with the charm. I wear it everywhere and ordered another in blue. I was doing a 6-week cleanse and some days I would forget to wear it and I would feel weak and dizzy. I would slip on the pendant and feel grounded plus my energy levels were restored. This stuff is amazing!’
-P.B., Anahola, HI

‘I bought a large amulet to wear at the computer and then fell in love with a smaller pendant with a blue stone. I love the way it feels and I get tons of complements on it. People want to know what it is. I just ordered the hematite stone amulet for my BF.’
-K.K., Los Angeles

‘I am a nurse and wear my pendant night and day. I love the way it feels and looks. My patients always watch the shimmer of the blue stone and always ask about it. We also have several of the domes at our home and I love them. Especially the one with the blue heart.’
-C.W., Boulder, CO

‘These are so much prettier in person than on the website. My friends keep commenting on how beautiful my amulet is. I can really feel the difference when I wear it. I won’t go anywhere without it.’
-W.M., Kapaa, HI

‘This may sound weird but I feel like this pendant loves me.’
-E.K. Koloa, HI

‘I don’t usually wear anything around my neck, but I couldn’t resist the awesome black amulet. As soon as I put it on I could feel energy running along my neck and spine. It’s really stunning and I don’t want to take it off.’
-D.C., Kauai

‘I have 2 pendants, a key chain, two domes, 2 aloha hearts and a cell button. I keep them around my house and office. I have four kids and I definitely notice everyone seems calmer.’
-K.N., Seattle, WA

‘I bought a keychain from Janice at a healing fair for my husband and put it in my back pocket. I could immediately feel this gentle ripple of energy flowing up my spine. I could tell it was working on my neck and was really surprised!’
-S.W., Austin, TX

‘When I get to work I stick the turtle in my back pocket and when I lift heavy things, it helps me from getting back pain. I switch it back and forth. I had my son try it out and he noticed it keeps him balanced. I also have one of the key chain oval rings and I gave one to my sister.’
-V.L., Lihue, HI

‘I don’t wear necklaces so I figured a key chain in my pocket was the next best thing. I really like this stuff and the cell phone buttons are awesome.’
-P.D., Los Angeles, CA

‘My child has always been anxious and I noticed an immediate shift in her since I put the orgonite heart near her bed. I also have them around the house. She has stopped biting her nails and is more relaxed and happy.’ -A.N., Puyallup, WA

‘Thank you so much for the cell button. Everything is beautiful, my girls are fighting over some of the pieces! I will probably need to look with them so they can pick their own piece. Thanks again.’
-C.F., Kentucky

‘I am a nurse and wear my pendant night and day. I love the way it feels and looks. My patients always watch the shimmer of the blue stone and always ask about it. We also have several of the domes at our home and I love them. Especially the one with the blue heart.’
-C.W., Boulder, CO

‘I work at the local hospital and I wear a pet tag on my security badge. I didn’t realize how much it helped me until I lost it! Without the orgonite tag, I would come home from work feeling very drained and grumpy. Thank you for the 3 new tags : )’
-A.W., Lihue, HI